One Cardigan, Two Ways

October 21, 2016

It's been in 80s here in South Carolina/Georgia so I wanted to show y'all how to style a cardigan for the ladies who live in cooler and hotter environments. For the ladies who live in cooler places you can throw a blanket scarf on, grab a coordinating handbag and you are ready to go. I snatched up this blanket scarf and 3 others from Target's Dollar Section for $7; I couldn't find them online but I'm linking a similar one below.

Now for the ladies who live in warmer places ditch the blanket scarf for now and instead of wearing the cardigan on your arms drape it over your shoulders. You'd be surprised how much cooler it'll keep you. I'm a firm believer to dress with the seasons, once August ends my sandals go away until May and my booties come out to play. What is your favorite way to dress for fall but still keep it cool? 

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