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March 22, 2017

Let me start off by giving y'all a little history about my skin. I would say that my skin is pretty "normal". It's never really oily or dry which I'm very blessed for (thanks momma)! Whenever those infamous hormones start acting up I break out around my chin bad but some extra skin love takes care of those in a few days.

Ever since I was diagnosed with celiac disease I had to give up all of my favorite makeup brands at the time. It was a sad breakup but with that being said, I've discovered even better makeup! So I'm here to share what my favorite beauty products are right now!!

Let me start off by saying I don't look full coverage foundations. I feel like my skin is weighed down when I have a lot of makeup on and it always makes me feel dirty. So this BB tinted moisturizer is perfect for me, it gives me plenty of coverage and makes me skin feel so good too. If you like lighter makeup then you should really give it a try.

This palette is the best! THE BEST! I'd like to give a shoutout to my friend, Maggie, for telling me about it. My favorites from this palette is "flower child" (if you didn't notice), "smarty pants", and "sweetheart". I really love "funny girl" as a highlighter...I get complimented on it EVERY time I wear it. 

I've never really stuck with a single mascara, I'm always trying something new but I think I've finally found one that I really, really like. It doesn't flake which is my biggest thing. I scratched my cornea back in high school from mascara flaking off in my eye and under my contacts. I also like how this one lengthens and thickens up my eyelashes too. 

This is my new favorite lipstick brand. One of the roughest things about being diagnosed with celiac disease was giving up my lipstick collection (my sister is now benefiting from it). When I discovered that I could wear BITE, I was so excited. I love super bright and vivid lipsticks and they have it!! My two favorite colors right now are Velvet (the top) and Orchard (the bottom).


Top is a swatch of "orchard" and the bottom is a swatch of "velvet".

This with the BB Tinted Moisturizer is great! It really does leave your skin feeling and looking flawless! It's also really good for baking too. I bought it back in October and it going strong and it's March! CRAZY!

All of these beauty products are gluten free (also vegan & cruelty free)!


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