5 Reasons I'm Thankful for Celiac

May 2, 2017

Yesterday was the first of May which is also Celiac Awareness Month! I decided to list five reasons why I'm thankful for my celiac diagnosis.  Last week, I gave y'all my 6 Month Update since I was diagnosed and now I'm going to tell you why I'm thankful. So here goes...

1. Healthier
It's a total night & day difference with how I feel now and where I was before my diagnosis. For the most part I eat very clean & raw...that doesn't mean I'm not writing this while I'm shoving my face with Lucky Charms (hahaha oops!). Before my diagnosis I was eating out a lot & simply not caring. Also, I haven't broken my diet once since finding out I had celiac disease. Now if I could only stick to a workout regimen! LOL!

2. Strength
I've realized that I'm a very strong women. I've been put through the ringer & I've come out with my head held high. I've never once thought I couldn't keep going, I would cry, suck it up, and keep going. Life wasn't going to stop just because I didn't feel good.

3. Relationship
My relationship with my boyfriend, Eric, has gotten stronger. He has been next to me through every single health issue & hasn't flenched once. I get really bad anxiety especially when I go out to eat (I stress about how my food is being prepared & cooked) Eric can always sense how I'm feeling & will always take charge for me when things start to become overwhelming. I would not be able to get through this without him & I'm forever thankful for him.

4. Creative
It makes me get creative with what I'm cooking and I'm forced to come up with some of my own recipes (which I never use to do). Also I use to think meal preppers were funny but yet here I am meal prepping my life away! I bring my food with me literally everywhere. I'm beginning to open up to the idea of baking more, a few bread recipes have been catching my eye.

5. Social
I've met & reconnected with some really amazing people that have celiac disease. Through their blogs or social media accounts its inspired me to try new things. Being able to read their content & ask questions has gotten me through some rough days.

Earrings and ring are both SummerNikole | Stool is from TJ Maxx (old) | Rug

I got inspired to do this post from Ms. Modify! She did 10 & honestly I'm not totally there yet but this time next year we'll see how I'm feeling ;). It's easy to get pulled into the negative thoughts that celiac disease can do to your body but you have to remain positive otherwise it's going to consume your entire life.

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