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May 8, 2017

WOW! I'm finalllllllly doing a closet/office tour for the first time since ever. I got the idea from my momma when I was moving into an apartment that literally had zero closet space but I had a huge spare bedroom. So clothing racks went up and it's kind of evolved to what you see now. I figured it was time to share this with y'all because when I move this summer I'm going to attempt to use my spare bedroom as an actual office and use my closet as a closet.

This is my favorite part of my closet. I love shoes & having them displayed ensures that I'm going to wear them as well. When I move this is the main piece that will be staying. That and my rug!

I like to display my handbags at the top of my big white shelf. I won't wear something if I don't see it!

My clothing racks are HERE. I organize everything in my entire closet in color order. Think of the rainbow and take it from there. The baskets are from Ikea. I store clutches, neck scarves, my sandals, hats, and misc closet items in the baskets on my clothing racks. It keeps me organized that way! Also I swear by velvet hangers. Nothing falls off of them, they are definitely a game changer.

Shoe rack is from Walmart. I actually have two. One for flats (pictured above) & another for sneakers. These are awesome! 

Rug is from Joss & Main. Stool is old from TJ Maxx. Vogue coloring book & notebook are from TJ Maxx.

Jewels are an assortment. My favorite & most of them are SummerNikole!

Desk is a family heirloom. Planner is from Target. Lamp is from TJ Maxx. Mug is from TJ Maxx. Desk calendar is from Target.

This part of my closet drives me insane. If I was keeping my closet setup like this, I would have added another white shelf to make it all uniformed. But since I'm not, its going to stay like this for now. The bookcase is old & from Ikea. The top organizer is a display fixture I got from my job. I found the "Pop Fizz Clink" print at TJ Maxx. I've also seen them at Home Goods too.

I'm obviously not wearing any of this right now but it's such an easy way to keep things displayed. I fold my sweaters like you would find them in a store. I also roll my scarves which I've found out to be the best way to store them (plus it's cuter this way).

I really hope that you have enjoyed getting to see my closet. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas for your own. If you use any of these tips PLEASE let me know! I love hearing from y'all!!

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