Instagram Roundup: April 2017

May 6, 2017 I miss Florida! Salty air can do miracles for you hair!

Have a mentioned my soul mate? AKA my best friend, Summer? She's seriously my right hand.

I got this meal idea from my momma. I also discovered gluten free tortillas! *happy dance*

Check out the full outfit HERE.

Masters Week was crazy, filled people from all over the world. Lunch with some coworkers was just what I needed!

Shop this full outfit HERE.

Finally planted some flowers! Reporting: they are still going strong. Miracle Grow coming in clutch!!

My Easter afternoon outfit. Perfect for a belly full of yummy gluten free foods.

Wore this outfit to my six month check up (celiac) and got completely drenched before going in. I'm talking wet dog soaked. I was a mess.

On of my all time favorite handbags I've ever owned & my first designer handbag.

I love switching things up in my decor. Usually just moving a few pieces around satisfies my urges. This trey is a family heirloom, the faux flowers are from Home Goods, the trey is an old Anthropologie find, and I don't remember where I got the coasters from but I see them all time in Home Goods/TJ Maxx.

Seriously in love with these espadrilles. The lace-up details are my favorite part of them.

I found this hat for $15 and I couldn't resist! It's so cute!! I can't wait to wear it at the beach this summer. 

I shared my 6 Month Update since I was diagnosed with celiac disease. You can read it HERE.

I love to move furniture around. My office/dressing room was feeling super blah recently so I had to switch somethings up. Hats (L to R) one, two, three (old, local boutique) | Mirror (family pass down) |  Jewelry Holder (local market) | Desk (family pass down) | Lamp (TJ Maxx) | Chair (family pass down)

You can shop all of my Instagram looks HERE
I hope you have a great Saturday loves!

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