Blonde Hair 101

August 27, 2017

I get so many questions and compliments on my white blonde locks so I figured I would pick my hair dresser's brain on what everyone should know if they have or think about going blonde.

The Process
It's takes a long time if you are trying to go from dark to white blonde hair. If you want to maintain the integrity of your hair its going to take a few sessions. I get told how healthy my hair is a lot & I tell everyone that it took me a really long time for me to get it to this color. Now that I'm here, I love it.

The Maintenance
Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, do this daily. Minerals & chemicals will turn your hair yellow. Use a professional grade shampoo/conditioner from your hair dresser.

Purple shampoo is my ride or die. Use it at least once a week but I do mine every other wash, I like to keep my blonde as white as I can get it. Purple shampoo acts as a temporary toner which cuts out brassiness.

Use masks! They will be your best friend! Every time I go to get my hair done I get an Olaplex treatment on my hair too. It's the BOMB. I swear it is what has kept my hair so healthy!

Touch Ups
When you get to the color you are finally satisfied with then you have to get root touch ups every 4-6 weeks. My hair grows really fast so I have to go every 2-3 weeks. Its insane. You don't want to go to long between root touch ups otherwise its going to cause a "banding" on your hair where your new growth & color doesn't blend correctly.

The Styling
9 times out of 10 I usually just let me hair air dry and then style it. My hair is naturally wavy so it's not super necessary for me to blow it out. Obviously everyone is different but this is just what works best for me. I'm actually on the search for a new hair dryer and I'm really thinking about trying out the T3 dryer because my current one is from TJ Maxx and has seen better days.

I use this Hot Tools curling iron. I hardly ever use the clamp, I simply just wrap my hair around the barrel and hold it there for a few seconds. I do my entire head & let the curls cool down. I spray them with hair spray and then brush them out which gives me that soft effortless look. I really want to try the T3 wands too! I've heard so many great things about them.

I hardly every wear my hair straight and if I do I just blow it out straight with my hair dryer. Now of course this won't work for everyone but with my hair type & texture it works out great for me.

The Products
Since I have to make sure my hair products are gluten free, I pretty much strictly use Davines products. Depending on what you are wanting out of your hair is what shampoos/conditioners you would pick.

Right now I'm using Volu shampoo and NouNou conditioner. The Volu gives me the volume that I like and the NouNou gives me extra love since my hair is extremely processed. For purple shampoo I would recommend this one. Whenever I get out of the shower, I immediately use the Minu hair serum it gives me that extra shine. I really like the No Gas spray and the Oi oil to finish my hair off.

During the spring & summer I keep my everything the same level of blonde.
During fall & winter I like to add a shadow root.


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