January 2018 Week 1 - Meal Plan

December 31, 2017

I get a lot of questions asking what I eat with my gluten free diet so I'm sharing how I plan out each week and what I plan on cooking. I've been eating a lot of "stick to your ribs" kinda meals (aka roast, stew, fried chicken) and it's time to get my diet back into it's normal routine.

Whatever I cook for dinner, I will bring the leftovers with me to work for lunch. I keep the cycle going throughout the entire week.  Depending on what plans I have for the weekend I will go out to eat with my beau. Farmhaus, Chipotle, and Mellow stay in recirculation. I'm not a huge breakfast eater but I do have a Pinterest board filled with good ideas. Typically I will grab a Larabar and eat it on the way to work.

When I first went gluten free I cooked a ton of Whole 30 recipes and I love them. Every meal I'm making this week is Whole 30 friendly except for the ribs & sweet potato & steak bowl (still gf!). Also every meal I'm cooking is linked to the exact website so you can get the full recipes there. Also follow me on Pinterest (@abigailgwfn) to browse my recipes I've pinned. 98% of everything on my Pinterest is gluten free, if you ever come across a recipe that has flour in it substitute it for gluten free flour.

Meal Plan
12.31.2018 - Sunday

Instead of cooking these in the crockpot, I cooked them for an hour in my Instant Pot on the pressure cooker setting. That was the only change I made in the recipe and they turned out SO good!

01.01.2018 - Monday

Instead of grilling the salmon, I pan seared it. I also added some quinoa to give it a yummy grain.

01.02.2018 - Tuesday

01.03.2018 - Wednesday

01.04.2018 - Thursday

01.05.2018 - Friday

Ended up going out to eat with my fam bam (aka Eric & Autumn).

01.06.2018 - Saturday

Ended up going out to eat with Eric (again).

Make a grocery list using the Notes app on your phone.
I shop at Kroger 9/10 because they have so many gluten free options.
Prep as much as you can earlier in the week to save time when you get off work.
On Tuesday's at Fresh Market chicken breast & ground beef are $2.99 per/lb. so I always go and stock up for the next week or two. 

Planner is from Target & my pens are Staedtler off Amazon.

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