First Spray Tan

February 7, 2018

It's official... I have lost my spray tan virginity!!

I've never been much into tanning beds and I'm a sunscreen mad woman. It's extremely important for me to take really good care of my skin. Whenever I do get a little bit of a tan it comes from being outside in the sun. I have always been interested in spray tans but honestly...the fear of looking a Dorito was more severe. I discovered Blush & Glow (owner is Amanda) a few months ago and was immediately drawn to how natural everyone looked that she sprayed. Once I found out that the tanning solution that she uses was gluten free (along with it being hypoallergenic, fragrance free, oil free, alcohol free, paraben free, and vegan) it was a done deal. I knew that I had to get her to spray me. So I went this past weekend and I am in L O V E. Seriously...if y'all are in the CSRA area...RUN! 

She has three different tanning options that you can choice from, she did the Blush Tan Super Express Glow on me. I feel like I have such a natural and beautiful glow. She will be doing every spray tan that I ever have ever again. Also a little heads up on Tuesday's all nurses, teachers, and military get 50% off 1 full body service. PLUS on Tuesday's if you and your best friend go to get tanned, you each get 50% off your glow. You can head over to Blush & Glow Studio website now and check it out for yourself :) 

This post was sponsored by Blush & Glow Studio

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