Amazon Prime Purchases: July & August

September 22, 2018

I don't think it is a secret how addicted I am to Amazon Prime. If you aren't addicted to Amazon Prime it makes me question our friendship. Joking...but kinda not. So I've decided to put together a post together for y'all of my Amazon purchases for the last two months.

Steve Madden Sandals

I've been wearing these sandals nonstop since I got them in. They are SO comfy! Plus you really can't beat the price for them either. Not to mention they are great Herm├ęs dupes! I would recommend going up a size with them.

Converse Platform Sneakers

So I first spotted these on the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and by the time it went public they were completely sold out. I was super bummed out and so I went searching and found the same ones on Amazon for the same exact price they were for the Nordstrom sale price. I have some Nordstrom high tops but these are definitely my favorite.

Gold Chain Sunglass Holders

When I first saw these I knew I needed them. I'm constantly near a body of water and I get so nervous wearing any of my sunglasses with fear that they are gonna fall in the water. I've also never been able to find a pair that I really liked!! I get so many compliments on them so it's an all around win-win.

Wood Garlands

Ahh.. these have been my latest purchase. I got them for the lamps in my bedroom but they turned out being too small so I placed them on some smaller lamps around my house and they look great! These aren't Prime and take a few weeks to get in but definitely worth it!!


Earlier this summer I cleaned up my backyard. My grandparents have always had plastic flamingos around their garden so once I got my yard all cleaned up I had to order some. They've brought so much character and happiness to my yard. 

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