Travel Essentials: Weekend Trip

September 27, 2018

I'm all about a good weekend trip. 9 times out of 10 I will always choose to make a trip for the weekend. I try to save my longer vacations for the holidays. Plus ya girl can't handle being away from her sweet pups for too long.

1. Sweater / Cardigan
Even if it is 100 degrees out, I assure you that I will have a cardigan with me. I've lived in South Carolina for 10 plus years so ya girl can handle some heat but I absolutely hate being cold. I also hate being super hot too. I'm clearly a complex person. *This cardigan is from Swank located in Augusta, GA

2. Apps for GF travel
Most of you know that I have celiac disease, if you are new to the blog then this is brand new information! With celiac disease comes extreme planning...especially when it comes to where I'm going to eat at. I use the app Find Me GF all of the time. You can search for gluten free restaurants based on your location. It has saved me so much time and anxiety!

3. Face Spray / Makeup Bag
Being stuck in a car for however long while you travel can kinda be a major struggle on your skin. I always keep a facial spray in my bag but I triple check that I have one when I'm on the road. Nothing gives you that little extra boost like this one. Also can any women really go out of town without her makeup bag?

4. Snacks
Snacccccccccks. I'm a major snack queen! If you ever run into me, I'm sure that my bag will have some sort of snack in it. They are so essential to road trips. These peanut butter & jelly bites from Sprouts have been my go to recently. Not only are the snacks good for the car but they are also great for the hotel room!

5. Music playlist
I feel like this has to be really obvious. Every trip should have great music going along with it. I have Apple Music and it's my all time favorite. Some of my favorite artist for road trips are: Hootie & the Blowfish, Florence + the Machine, Beyonce, and Lauren Daigle to name a few.


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