2021 Resolutions

January 4, 2021 United States

It's a new year, and I have never been happier to close the chapter we call 2020. To be honest, I haven't felt the way I usually feel at the beginning of each year. It's been a lot more lackluster - to say the least. With it being so lackluster it has also given me extra time to focus on some new resolutions that I want to implement throughout the year. 


Less screen time and more books.


Buying items with a purpose. AKA, get my shopping problem under control!


Focus on taking better care of my mental health. 


Work on creating a stronger body - both physically and mentally.


Protecting my energy - always a resolution.


Getting back on track with my blog and YouTube channel.


Giving myself grace.


Complete our house reno and make it a home.

Let me know some of your New Years Resolutions in the comments below! I love seeing the goals everyone sets for themselves.

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