Closet Organization 101

September 14, 2013

Today is not the first day of fall but it finally is beginning to feel like it. Plus it's a Saturday, it is also game day, and not to mention I don't have to work tonight so I can enjoy my day. It's also the first day in weeks that I'm beginning to feel better (getting over a mess of sickness). So with this beautiful day off I decided to get my closet back under control and I decided to show y'all how I keep my closet organized. Enjoy!


This is the best section I could use to show you how I organize my closet. Notice how everything is kind of mixed in with each other. It's not color coordinated and the long sleeve and tank shirts are also mixed in together. 

I first grabbed all of my tanks and put them in order according to the shade.

I then continued with short sleeve, quarter length, button ups, and then cardigans. When I got to a new sleeve length is when I would start over with the shading (lightest to darkest).


I keep all of my colored shirts up on top.

I keep my neutral shirts on the bottom. 

I organize my shoes by style and color.

For sandals and extra shoes I store them in baskets.

I haven't found a really great way of organizing my belts yet so I just layer them in a basket from the ones I hardly ever use to the ones I use daily. I also stack my hats in there too.

I organize my dresses the exact same way I do my shirts.

And apparently me organizing my closet wore Lilly Ann out.

Thank you so much for taking the time for reading my blog! I hope this inspires you to organize your closet! Let me know if my tips have helped you out! Have a great Saturday!

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