Denim Culottes

April 22, 2018

This weekend has been pretty relaxing if I do say so. I have recently discovered that I can eat at one of my old favorite restaurant in downtown Augusta again. Which makes my heart so v'happy! Nothing beats margs and cheese dip on a sunny Saturday, am I right? Or am I right??

Now let me say this... I use to hate these pants. Like with my soul. You are probably asking why I got them? I use to work for a place that you were given a set wardrobe every month and I had the lucky pleasure of getting stuck with these pants. It isn't up until recently that I was looking at them and something told me to just try them out again. So I did and I came up with this look that I'm very into. All these pieces are old but I'm going to find some identical (or better) and link them below for you.



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