Hair 101: Loose Waves Tutorial

August 26, 2018

One of my most frequently asked questions is how do I curl my hair? Well I put together a quick tutorial for you to get the achieved look. If you have tried doing loose waves but they haven't worked out then try this tutorial a few times until you get the hang of it. Before I start on my curls, I add a heat protectant after I towel dry it. Next, I let it air dry for a good bit. After I feel like it's air dried to my satisfaction, I'll round brush dry it.

This step is essential if you are someone who has to wash your hair every single day. Curls love "dirtied" up hair. If you have to wash your hair every day or curls don't like staying in your hair then spray it with some dry shampoo. All over. It gives the curls some grit to hold onto. I've linked some dry shampoos I really like from over the years of testing. My tried and true right now is this one from Bumble & Bumble. 

I section my hair into two or three sections. Just depends on my mood that day. I find that the more sections, the more volume. To section my hair I use a hair tie but I really like these hair clamps. 

Grab 1" sections at a time. I place my curling iron about 1" away from the root of my hair and start to wrap your hair down the iron keeping 1-2" inches of hair out, this gives you that nice laid back look. The key to this look is curling away from your face. I hold it for about 5-10 seconds. Everyone's hair is different so it'll take a few times for you to know how long to hold it. I like to lightly hair spray each section of hair before moving on.

Once you are done with your first section, let it cool! Then take down your next section of hair. Repeat step 3 until your done with all of your hair.

By now you should be ready to part your hair. I do mine either dead center or off slightly from the part. You do whatever makes your heart happiest. When I use to part my hair deep, I would section and curl it as well.

Make sure you let your hair curl completely before you start messing with it. It might look a little funny but I promise it looks so good once your done. Once it is nice and cool I like to "finger" my hair aka just run your fingers through it. Some pieces may have fall when you do this part, that is a-okay. Simply re-curl and do touch ups here and there 

STEP 7: STRAIGHTEN (if necessary)
If any of curls got a little too curly, go ahead and pull out your straighter. Run over the ends of your hair to give it a more polished look. I don't always do this, my hair is naturally wavy so my ends go pretty straight once I blow it out. Also depends on what kinda mood I'm in that day as well.

Last step, I like to spray my hair with an extremely light mist of hair spray. This is all going to depend on your hair texture with this step. If you have hair that never wants to hold curl then give it some extra love. Like I said above, my hair is naturally wavy so it holds curl pretty well. I love to add some texture to my loose waves and have been LOVING the Ouai Texture Spray. 

And that's it! I really hope that this post helps you out! Tag me (@abigailgwfn) in your photos so I can see the completed look on y'all! Also let me know if you have any questions in the comments.


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