Hair 101: Easy Low Bun Tutorial

October 9, 2018

9 times out of 10 if you see me out in public my hair is going to be in a bun. Usually I'll make it nice and big on the top of my head but recently I've been very into low buns. This one I'm going to share with y'all today is insanely easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Start with a low ponytail and secure.

Step 2: Fold the bun underneath and secure. Make sure you have some hair hanging out the end. Enough to wrap around the base of the ponytail.

Step 3: Spray the extra hair that is left out with hairspray to give it some grip.

Step 4: Wrap hair around the base of the ponytail and secure with bobby-pins. 

Step 5: Spray hair with hairspray again!

Step 6: I like to pull the bangs around my face out to make it a little bit more messier (if you don't like that look by all means leave it pulled back and look like a boss). 

Shirt is from a local boutique called Peppy Poppy in Evans, GA. I'm linking similar tops below! I'm also linking my favorite hairspray below!



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