Where are you from?
I currently live in North Augusta, SC but spend most of my time in Augusta, GA (they are right next to each other). However, I'm originally from Lexington, KY and is where I call home.

What do you do for a living?
I'm a marketing student and work full time in a physical therapy office.

What kind of dogs do you have/what are their names?
I have two four-legged babies. My oldest is Athena (aka Tina), she is a Siberian Husky and my youngest is Lilly Ann (aka Lils), she is a Labradoodle. I'm obsessed with both of them to the point people find it obnoxious but that is okay, they deserve all the love & praise a girl can give them!

Why/When did you start GWFN?
I started GWFN a few months after I moved out on my own back in 2013. I was away from family & getting homesick so it helped me occupy my time and keep my family in the loop as well.

Where did you get your blog name from?
My parents couldn't decide on three names when I was born so they decided to give me four...actually they decided to give me and my siblings four names...same initials too. 

What do you do with all of your old clothes?
Every 6 months I'll do a massive purge of my closet and with anything that I don't wear anymore my sister/best friends get first pick. Anything that they don't want I end up donating. 

Who takes your photos?
Usually I recruit my boyfriend and best friend to take them. Depends on who I am with :).

Why do you post about stuff being gluten free?
I was diagnosed with celiac disease in September 2016 so everything that I eat and use (beauty, skincare, hair, etc) is gluten free! You can read more about my journey here.

What is your go-to outfit?
I'm all about a good graphic t-shirt and a classic pair of jeans with some fun shoes and accessories. 

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