Masters in Mistletoe

December 16, 2016

It's ALMOST Christmas time!!! YAY!!! I found this shirt while roaming through Target and it was $13! Woohoo!! I'm wanting to take a few pictures of me wearing this and kissing my boyfriend under a mistletoe but if that'll happen we'll see...hehe! Does anyone else love these catchy t-shirts from Target or anywhere else? I feel like Target always has the cutest ones for every holiday.

This shirt is TTS, I bought a size SMALL in mine and it still gave me a good "loungie" fit. I went down a size in my jeans, I bought a size 2 and at the time I was a 4 when I bought them. I bought this cardigan over the summer, it's a guaze material but I'm going to link some thicker ones below! My Hunters are TTS, I'm a size 7 and I bought a size 7! Can we talk about how pretty this quartz necklace is? Bonus: it's handmade!! This piece is perfect for the holiday season but let's be could wear this year round. 

Don't forget to use "ABIGAIL20" whenever you purchase anything off of Anarchy Street! You'll get 20% off your entire purchase!! *bracelets ONE & TWO*

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