Life With Celiac

May 1, 2018

This is going to be a very raw and unfiltered post about living with celiac disease. So here goes.

I'm not on a fad diet, nor am I a picky eater. I don't choose to be gluten free because it's super fun. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I see the eye rolls every time I mention it. I know it's annoying when I ask you to change your gloves. I get it, I worked in the food and beverage industry for a few years and I know that it is an inconvenience but my health depends on you switching out those gloves. So before you shrug it off like it is no big deal please, I beg you, to take it seriously. Honestly, I don't even like eating out anymore. It makes me so nervous. I have about 4 restaurants that I keep in rotation but even then it is always a major risk.

When you are close to me but blatantly ignore my pisses me off so bad that I honestly cannot see straight. Bringing gluten into my house when I specifically ask you not to. Insanely rude. And then when someone has the nerve to tell me that you are allergic to something. Let me make this very clear. I could care about your health as much as you care about mine. Making jokes at my expense about my lifestyle isn't funny. This disease makes me question if I want to have biological children in fear that they might have to deal with celiac. So the next time you go to make a joke...stop and does this really affect someone? This autoimmune disease affects people more than just their diet. It affects every single aspect of their lives. I have to think if the lotion I use has gluten in it, the lipsticks, body wash...the list is honestly endless.

Every celiac reacts differently to gluten. My symptoms start with a celiac rash that covers both of my shins. It itches so bad and nothing gives it relief. Think of the shingles but times ten. And then the bloat starts to take over. I look about 4 months pregnant in 24 hours. You are probably thinking, "okay...I doubt it" but no. People have literally come up to me and asked me when I was due. I can feel brain fog creeping over me and then the fatigue takes total control of me. I'll start to throw up every single time I go to the bathroom. Headaches take over on top of the brain fog because having temporary short term memory loss isn't already super annoying. My body and mind want to sleep for days. It's so rough and the immediate symptoms last for about a week or two but my body isn't back to normal for about a month.

*this cross-contamination was from a work shirt that had been starched 

Even though celiac has changed my entire life around I'm so thankful for my diagnosis. I would still be going to countless doctor visits and who knows how many more surgeries I would be having. The celiac community is amazing. My boyfriend, family, and best friends are so supportive. It has brought mine and Eric's relationship closer. If I get a gluten food craving he will do endless research to figure out a way to make it gluten free for me...which is so sweet and kindest gesture anyone could do for me. My sweet pups always know when I'm feeling down in the dumps and will sleep with me for as long as I need. You can read about my journey from the very beginning here.

If you or someone else you know thinks that they might have celiac go get tested. Below are some great resources to help guide you. If you are in the Augusta, GA area I highly recommend Dr. Lal with Doctors Hospital. I believe that God gave me this autoimmune disease to help educate others who don't know anything about celiac or gluten sensitivity. This disease is becoming more common and every day I learn about someone else who is struggling with either celiac or an intolerance. If you ever need to talk to anyone please don't ever hesitate to reach out. If it wasn't for my support system this would've been a completely different story.

I am celiac strong.


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  4. I found this article because I’ve had a rash on my legs and arms for a few days and I’ve recently been diagnosed with celiac disease. This picture looks a lot like what I’m dealing with. I completely empathize with what you have to deal with, the jokes and eye rolls with people thinking you’re on some fad diet… even if you are, who cares?! Let ppl live! All the best to you sister.

    1. Yeah… ducks. Right? Whole body right now… from restaurant food

  5. I feel you there. I get all those symptoms you mentioned… periodically my whole life. My brother was diagnosed as an adult some years ago. He also has other autoimmune issues as a result. I used to get that rash on my forearms as a kid and it baffled the doctors… oh and anemic and lactose intolerant… yet they never tested me. Went to a dermatologist 3&1/2 years ago. Spent over $1700 out of pocket. Though he did a skin biopsy, he never thought to test me for celiac. By the time I figured it out, I was done spending money at the doctor and not willing to again. Quit gluten and got a lot better. Still get glutened accidentally all of the time. Right now my rash is front and back, neck to knees and my arms… and the bloating and nausea. Ick. If this rash persists off and on another 6 months, I’ll eat gluten for 6 weeks and get tested… hopefully get better health insurance and new job to do that too.


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