6 Month Update

April 29, 2017

Six months ago I finally opened up about my health journey that I kept pretty private over the past 3 (almost 4 years). If you are new to GWFN then you can read about my journey HERE.

Last week I had my 6 month check up with my GI doctor so I figured it was only appropriate that I do a little update for my favorite people (aka: y'all)! A lot has happened since I first updated everyone. All around I feel SO much better. My mental and physical health has done a full 360. It's crazy that cutting gluten out of my diet has changed me so much. Thinking about where I was to where I'm at now is extremely overwhelming. The longer time passes and the healthier I'm getting, the more I realize how ill I was. Mentally and physically.

I mentioned in my first post that I was suffering from really bad brain fog. At this moment, I can honestly say I can finally remember things again. On my bad days, it can get a little rough. I have to do things as I am thinking of them so I'm making progress. Before, I would think of something and 10 seconds later I would forget. I'm very excited with my progress and I know it'll get better and better as time passes. I've also lost a lot of weight too. Over the years I had gained about 20lbs that did not to be there, as of today it's gone just from eating gluten free (I need to start working out). I definitely understand why so many celebrities are on gluten free diets. Also my hair is growing!!! Probably what I'm most excited about if we are being honest. For as long as I can remember my hair would get to a certain length and stop growing so I cut my hair constantly. I had been rocking a lob long before they became popular LOL!

I've made some personal wins with this journey. I started watching Food Network again (at the beginning of the month). I really missed it but it was torture watching everything I couldn't eat. Even though in reality I never would eat half the food I was watching, it was just the thought of it. LOL. I can go into a regular grocery store without getting anxiety (CHEERS!). I stick to my health and fresh produce sections so I don't have to look at it as much. I also don't crave sandwiches as much.

Unfortunately, I still get really bad anxiety every now and then. I have also "glutened" myself a few times since being diagnosed. The longer I've gone without gluten the sicker I get. My stomach bloats out to the point that I look 3 months pregnant, I get really bad fatigue, I vomit, and headaches come on strong. The symptoms last for a week straight. It's definitely a crazy & a horrible experience. Family gatherings are really hard on me too. I make sure to cook everything for myself and bring it along pretty much everywhere I go. Certain restaurants give me anxiety too. Half the time the managers (and staff) don't know how serious celiac disease is.  With time I know that everything will get better and I'm extremely blessed with the progress that I have made.

I'm extremely thankful for my boyfriend, family, and friends. They all are so supportive of me and try to eat gluten free with me when I am. I'm constantly getting text or snapchats of gluten free finds. It means so much to me! I'm so thankful for all the amazing people God has blessed my life with. I start to think about it and I usually start to cry. It is so humbling and I'm so grateful.

Finally, I had the realization over the past few months that I may have celiac disease but that's not who I am. I refuse to let it define my entire life.

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