Pajama Set

February 5, 2018

WOW! Did anyone else's weekend go by super fast? I know mine sure did. I love when Thursday's roll around because Eric gets to come home from school. This past week was so long and part of it was honestly horrible. Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. At one point I was in the middle of a grocery store crying on the phone with a dear friend about my frustration with life. She gently reminded me that I need to speak goodness into existence every morning and to not let anyone take my joy from me. Now you might ask why I mentioned Thursday...well through all the bad of this past week I turned 24 this Thursday. My favorite gift was having Eric home. I came home from work and a test to my favorite human welcoming me with a huge hug ( and kiss), flowers, and he was cooking my favorite meal (breakfast for dinner). Everything bad that happened up to that point melted away. How great is it to have people in your life that instantly know how to give you a recharge? So with it being the start of a new week, don't let anyone take your joy.

Enough serious talk...let us move on to this super cute pajama set. If you read my Spring Dreaming post you would know how much I love a good palm print. So when I saw these I instantly knew that they had to be mine. They feel so good and are so soft. Also can't beat them when they are under $23! I got a small and they do fit me TTS.

Pajama Set | Dainty Necklaces are old from H&M

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