Sprouts Favorites + Meal Plan + Grocery List

September 30, 2018

Why Sprouts Is My Favorite? 

If you spend more than an hour with me you will quickly find out that I'm a true snack queen. Sprouts has fueled my snack obsession into over time. Literally I snack 24/7. Snacks are their own food group!

I use to shop religiously at Kroger when I was diagnosed with celiac disease but since a Sprouts opened up in Augusta, GA I have realized that my bill has come out to be significantly cheaper than anywhere else. They always have a great sale going on plus if you go on Wednesday's you can take advantage of last weeks sale and the current weeks sale. Last week they had a huge BOGO sale on pretty much everything that makes my tummy so v'happy!

Sprouts' Must Haves

Coconut Rolls - these have become a must have our household. I have to practice extreme self-control when snacking on them because I'll eat the whole bag within 15 minutes. I love both flavors but the chocolate is my all time fav. Also I like to pretend they are cigars...LOL!

Banana Chips - I've just recently discovered these and they are SO freaking delicious. Easy to grab + go with especially when I'm working! A cheaper option would be to buy these from the bulk section...I don't know if they are gluten free so I avoid but if you aren't psycho sensitive to cross contamination go for it!

Plantain Chips - I snack on these all the time. A nice alternative to potato chips and so freaking delicious. I've gotten all of my coworkers hooked on these as well. My favorite is the picante flavor.

Hummus - I will always love a good hummus but this one is mainly because of Eric. He snacks on hummus whenever he needs a little extra boost. He always goes for the chipotle flavor and he eats tortilla chips with them.

Strawberry & Peanut Butter Bites - these are like a PB&J sandwich but miniature. 

Dark Chocolate Covered Bananas - these are ah-mazing and great when you are craving something sweet.

Solero Fruit Pops - I keep these stocked up in my freezer. They're absolutely delicious! I love the raspberry & pineapple ones.

Zevia - you can get these just about anywhere BUT they are worth mentioning up here because they are always on sale + such a great alternative to sodas.

Meal Plan 
Monday - Rosemary chicken w/ red potatoes & green beans
Tuesday - Flank steak fajitas
Wednesday - Greek grilled chicken salad
Thursday - Buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potato
Friday & Saturday - we just do whatever we feel like eating

Grocery List
Green beans
Red potatoes
Green peppers
Red onion
Romaine lettuce
Roma tomatoes 
Sweet potatoes

Lactose free milk (I like Fairlife)
Feta cheese crumbles

Chicken Breast
Flank Steak

Frozen Food
Dark chocolate covered bananas
Solero fruit pops (raspberry & pineapple)

Other Groceries
Banana chips
Plantain chips
Peanut butter puffs
Strawberry & peanut butter bites
Zevia - Ginger Ale & Dr. Zevia

I hope that this has helped you navigate Sprouts a little bit better! Let me know if you've tried anything I have mentioned! Thank you for stopping by #GWFNblog :) 

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